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April 30, 2007[सम्पादेतु]

External link dumps[सम्पादेतु]

Articles with more than 5 external links as of April 30, 2007. Only articles in the main space are considered.

Article ID Article
66 1928 पमुख पत्त
35 1666 पाली भाषा
29 1670 बुद्ध धम्म
21 1682 Learn Pali
17 1684 बुद्ध
13 1673 नेपाल
11 1675 दूरदर्शन यन्त्र
11 1676 चिन्तनशास्त्र
11 1681 दूरसंचार यन्त्र
8 1678 सुशांख्य यन्त्र (कम्प्युटर) विज्ञान
SELECT COUNT(el_from) AS total, el_from, page_title
FROM externallinks, page
WHERE externallinks.el_from = page_id AND page_is_redirect = 0 AND page_namespace = 0
GROUP BY el_from

External link ranking[सम्पादेतु]

Sites linked more than 5 times as of April 30, 2007. Only articles in the main space are considered.

Link count Site
8 http://www.buddhanet.net
6 http://patft1.uspto.gov
5 http://www.omniglot.com
5 http://www.accesstoinsight.org
SELECT COUNT(el_to) AS total, SUBSTRING_INDEX(el_to, '/', 3) AS search
FROM externallinks, page
WHERE page_id = el_from AND page_namespace = 0
GROUP BY search

Additional information[सम्पादेतु]

Some more information about this dump:

  • 215 articles that are in the main space and not redirects
  • 222 articles and redirects in the main space
  • 303 pages in all namespaces
  • 10 redirects in all namespaces
  • 293 external links in every namespace
  • 231 external links in the main space

Very probable spambot pages[सम्पादेतु]

If index.php is found in a page title, it is very likely the article talk page has been created by a spambot. These pages should be deleted and protected if possible.

Article ID Article
2099 Talk:W/w/w/index.php?title=W/w/w/index.php

Possible spambot pages[सम्पादेतु]

Possible pages created by spambots ending with /.

Article ID Article
SELECT page_id, page_title, page_namespace
FROM page
WHERE page_title LIKE '%index.php%' OR page_title LIKE '%/wiki/%' OR page_title LIKE '%/w/%' OR page_title LIKE '%/';

Dump analysis archive[सम्पादेतु]

This is the archive of dump analysis.