सम्भासित:देवनागरी लेखनार्थॆ किं कर्त्तव्यम्

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Dear Founder and colleague of Palipedia,

I am very glad and say thanks for bringing the Pāḷi in the wikipedia to show to the world citizen that the Pāḷibhāsa is not a dead language. I am a monk studying about Buddhism in Yangon from Bangladesh by citizen and but by birth Indian. I am feeling frankly to Brother what I feel with my little knowledge on wikipedia and the uses Pāḷibhāsa in Pāḷipedia, such as:

  • Would you mind to change the script from Devanagari to Roman Pāḷi Unicode in the Pāḷipedia?
  • On the writing some of the misspell such as Bhāṣa ( there are no ṣ,ś, and ṛ in Pāḷi only in Sanskrit bhāsa/bhāṣa) which should be bhāsa in Pāḷi is better to modify.
  • Most of the Theravāda countries in South-East Asia cannot read Devanagari who might be familiar in Pāḷi language.

I do have some of my friends from Srilanka who could able to write essay in Pāḷi thus they are also ready to help for developing the Pāḷipedia. Well, I don't have much knowledge on Pāḷi, however I could try my little knowledge on Pāḷipedia if it is with Roman Pāḷi. You might wonder me, being as an Indian why I feel difficult for writing in Devanagari, you know in all states of India are not very familiar.

Therefore, I do request to the founder and colleague of Pāḷipedia administration body to change the script from Devanagari to roman script.

Truly your,