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This is a documentation subpage for पटिरूप:!
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original पटिरूप page.
This template may have no transclusions, because it was replaced with a magic word.

The magic word {{!}} is used to escape a en:vertical bar character "|" in wikitext markup, causing the parser to temporarily not interpret it as a special character.

This used to be a template, but for speed reasons, the en:MediaWiki parser was changed in July 2014 to instantly interpret {{!}} as "|" and ignore this template, making {{!}} a magic word. You can continue to use the code in exactly the same way as before.

Do not use syntax like {{Template:!}}, and do not supply a parameter, for example {{!|foo}}. In those cases, the template transcludes as an error message: Error: The retired template {{!}} has been transcluded; see mw:Help:Magic words#Other for details. To fix this, use only the code {{!}} to generate the | character.